Pregnant woman big belly

As much as I wanted to fall into the “cute pregnant” category, it wasn’t meant to be – because in four pregnancies, the least amount of weight I gained was fifty pounds (and that was while teaching Zumba six to eight hours a week until the middle of my ninth month!). The “You must be due any day now” comment seems to hit around 25-30 weeks, regardless of how big you are. I gained over 100 pounds with my last 2 each time 9 and 10 lb babies and I feel the pain if these tiny chic only knew what true pain and torture is on a woman’s body.
I’m short and I was overweight before pregnancy so even though I only gained about 20 pounds, I carried it all very awkwardly.
I gained the right amount of weight and measured exactly as big as I was supposed to, but I’m pretty short so I looked huge anyway! I had this problem with both pregnancies, I looked like I wasn’t even pregnant then out of nowhere came the watermelon of my son and with my daughter it was just always big!
I gained forty pounds with my oldest, hadn’t lost it all when I got pregnant with my youngest and gained 30 with her. I already had to comment after the first paragraph: I thought I was the only one who gained crazy weight when pregnant with only one baby!
You know the type: cute, round little baby bump, stylish maternity clothes, and from the back (hell, sometimes even from the front!) you can’t even tell she’s pregnant.
I guess I was lucky enough to have only gained 13 lbs with my daughter however it seems my belly sucked out the fat from the other places of my body.
I’m 30 weeks and I now cannot leave the house without perfect strangers making comments about my belly, pregnancy and baby.

And us big bellied pregnant women have some unique problems that those teeny pregnant girls just don’t have. During pregnancy, your body changes pretty dramatically in a relatively short period of time – especially when you get super-big.
In the last few weeks before the baby comes, even women with tiny little baby bumps reach a point where they feel huge.
If I notice it, it must be happening soon!” I’ve had friends that have gotten rather large (and I don’t mean “fat” I mean their belly was really extending outwardly) and I just feel bad for them.
One girl asked if I was starving my baby whereas my mom told me how huge I had gotten since I saw her at the start of the pregnacy and commented on how her grandson was going to be a fat boy. I didn’t start off big with my first BUT I started growing from my ass and getting stretch marks on said ass (son of a B!).
I get huge with my pregnancies, and I wasn’t overweight when it started, I just have big babies and I carry everygthing out front. I made it in ok but trying to get out, I stood with my back to the wall and opened the door and it didn’t skim my belly it wedged on my belly so I was literally stuck with a toilet door jammed in my belly unable to open or close the door. I didn’t look pregnant from behind, but I looked like a person was standing sideways in my belly from the side, and my front was a joke.
But when you’ve got enough belly room for a baby elephant, anything that fits looks like a circus tent.
Now that I’m finally in the final stretch my polite smile and half-hearted chuckle at their stupid comments has gone to full blown sweaty pregnant hostility.

Then you end up feeling embarrassed because your belly swipes half the women’s size tens off their hangers, or you have to move to a bigger booth in a restaurant because you get stuck trying to wedge yourself into the first one. My mom happened to take a picture of me the day I went into labor and a few years ago my daughter (then 11) was showing her brother saying look I’m in mommy’s belly!
Talk about embarrassing we were on holiday and I was so worried friends at home would see ‘and lastly an Australian woman had to be rescued from the toilets at Del Taco, the fire brigade had to be called because her giant belly got stuck in the door!’ Thankfully the fire brigade did not need to be called! Yeah, I had the super cute awesomely round belly, but I still looked like a freak show since it was oversized to the max.
She said something about my shoes and I said yes they do look like grandma’s shoes but they are leather strapped and they stretched when I stretched, just look how big my feet got. I have a picture that was taken like 8 hours before I went into labor, and I can’t believe how huge I was! And you get to experience all the loveliness I’ve described above for what seems like at least half of your pregnancy.
By 8 weeks, I could not sleep on my stomach…By 12 weeks, I had to buy stretchy pants and even bigger sweats.
As I went along, my belly got BIG, then BIGGGGG, then soon, I got a little metal pushcart from the guys I worked with at Sears Hardware.

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