Pregnant over 30

While there were 32per cent fewer abortions overall, the number of teen abortions dropped by more than half.The rates for teenage pregnancy actually reached historic lows in 2009, for girls aged 15–17 (down 53per cent) and 18–19 (down 36per cent).
My Dr forgot to give me the Tdap vax while I was pregnant, but I got it when E was 6 weeks old.
I am not pregnant but doing a lot of walking because I am coming back from a femoral stress fracture. Outside marriage, 67,839 of births were to mothers aged 30 to 34, 36,108 were to those aged 35 to 39, 10,639 were to those aged 40 to 44 and 735 were to those aged 45 and over. In 2012, nearly two-thirds (65%) of fathers were aged 30 and over, excluding births registered solely by the mother.

The percentage of births to women aged 30 and over was down slightly in 2012 compared to 2011.
In 2012, 49% of all births were to women aged 30 and over, down from 51% the previous year. Much of the fertility talk aimed at women over 30 can be alarmist (ticktock!) or depressing (scary statistics!). Also, I really hope that when I do get pregnant that I no longer crave sweets because I crave them pretty bad now! I have a wicked sweet tooth normally, so it was weird when it went away in early pregnancy.

In their new book “How To Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30,” they tell readers what foods they — and their partners — can eat to prepare their bodies for a baby.

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