Pregnant man baby born

Williams had his breasts surgically reduced and legally changed his gender from female to male, despite years of taking hormones and living outwardly as a man, Williams maintained that he retained his female sex organs because he intended one day to get pregnant.
A woman told she was genetically a man with no reproductive organs when she was 19 has given birth to twin girls.
Thomas Beatie, who is known across the world as 'The Pregnant Man', has announced his split from his wife of nine years.

He posed for an infamous picture in 2007 which displayed him as heavily pregnant but with facial hair. Gazing lovingly at the baby in her arms, Hayley can’t believe that all her dreams have come true.
After months of hospital trips and blood tests, specialists told her she had been born with XY chromosomes, meaning she was genetically male.

After they were implanted I spent the rest of our 10 days resting.” Doctors told Hayley there was a 60% chance she would get pregnant and she should wait two weeks before taking a test.

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