Pregnant lady health tips

Alcohol is a drug and it depresses your central nervous system and can lead to the birth defects in the fetus due to prenatal alcohol consumption of pregnant mothers. Do not consume too much of caffeine- pregnant women should limit their caffeinated coffee to a maximum of two cups per day. Do not eat high mercury fish-It is best to be very selective about eating sea food when you are pregnant.

Fresh fruits and vegetables- they are more important to pregnant women, the citamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in fruits such as strawberries, sweet potatoes and spinach are must haves for the pregnant women eat a lot of citrus foods for boosting your immunity and the leafy beggies and colored fruits and vegetaels for folic acid and vitamin b complex.
Protein- just as calcium is important for your pregnant so is protein too, it is the source of amino acids and helps in building cells and for forming blood too.
The omega 3 fatty acids contribute the brain and heart health, not only for the pregnant mother but also the fetus.

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