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In honor of the Witches of East End's second episode airing tonight, here are the rest of fiction's silly mystical pregnancies.
X-Files: After everything Scully goes through with the magic pregnancy, she carts it off to a adoptive home. Also kind of underwhelming is the birth of Han and Leia's twins in the Expanded Universe books. The scene is a fairly typical movie birth, woman on her back, lots of screaming and instructions to push. If you were listing all the things that are wrong with William Shatner's directorial debut, chances are this birth scene would not even be on the list. This is the grand-daddy (so to speak) of ooky birth scenes, the one against which all others will be judged. The birth of Alia Atreides is awesomely aware, because her mother drinks the Water Of Life while pregnant. She's laying down covering fire with a machine gun during most of the labor, and gives birth in a fountain.
The birth of Aaron, towards the end of the first season, was one of the more touching moments of the show, with Claire dealing with her fear that Aaron would know that she was going to give him away, somehow. We're a sucker for scenes where a human helps an alien give birth, but this one is especially hilarious, as the alien George instructs his human partner in the complex mechanics of childbirth among his people.

This whole movie is amazing, but the birth scene in particular had to be good or it would have sunk the entire production. Alan Moore had been deeply moved by the birth of his own child and wanted to somehow put the joy of that moment across in this story. Whether it's the impending birth of a savior, the coming of some form of Antichrist, or some kind of experiment, speculative fiction has been the home of a lot of ridiculous stories of pregnancy and birth. Their first child is Wyatt, who is so powerful he makes her indestructible while she's pregnant. Eight women get mysteriously knocked up, and then give birth all on the same day, in a converted barn, with their beds arranged in a weird semicircle, albeit with privacy curtains.
Bella becomes pregnant with Edward's half-vampire baby, which breaks her ribs when it kicks, and she's forced to guzzle tons of blood to nurture the widdle thing. The way this society treats birth is meant to dissolve any connection between the biological mother and her child, keeping her as a brood mare rather than a Wife. The birth of Connor is just amazing, with Darla literally staking herself to save her baby.
She's got a baby who was a) stolen from her b) sort of Time Lordy (we guess) c) turned out to be a time traveler that she'd met as an adult before she was pregnant with her and d) turned out to also have been her best friend growing up. The child, Hope, becomes an antagonist for a while, ultimately having her own mystical pregnancy.

There are parallel deliveries: The handmaid gives birth, surrounded by other handmaids, then the infant is handed off to the Wife, surrounded by other Wives. Other great comics births include Tefe in Swamp Thing and John Constantine in Hellblazer, but they're nowhere near as epic.
And given how much mileage this show got out of reproductive hysteria, you'd have thought the pivotal birth scene would be more compelling.
If you didn't get a bit torn up watching George Kirk sacrifice his life to stop Nero while his wife gave birth in the escaping shuttlecraft, then you're probably a Vulcan.
But what really crystalizes the world-building and Lessa's character is when Lady Gemma gives birth to Jaxom. But the birth goes off without a hitch and then they're just laughing with relief and it's such a triumphal moment. Oh, and Mark Hamill is in it and we know he was an absurd birth, so no wonder this one is not much better.
The scene manages to evoke the human elements from the story of Christ's birth, without descending into preachiness.

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