Pregnant at 43 success stories

I just wanted to share my good news with you, because I have been glued to your stories to keep myself sane through my 2ww. Like most of you, I have been using this site every month, to review other women's experiences, successes, and challenges. Hello ladies , I , just like you was trying to read as much as I could about how to get pregnant over 40 . 3) made a list of all the foods that promote blood flow and helps pregnancy and so I made a smoothie every morning combining all these ingredients !!

My pregnancy came as a complete surprise as an HSG at age 38 revealed that my right fallopian tube was entirely blocked, and at age 41, my FSH tests were consistently in the 20s.
I am in in the very early stages of my pregnancy - 4 weeks today, in fact - and because it is so early and anything can happen, I wanted to share mine in case it helps anyone who may be in similar situation. I'm 43 , I was ready for a 4th baby and I was told by 3 Obgyn and 2 fertility doctors that I was too old , eggs too old , 1 to 3% chance of getting pregnant at my age , risks too high etc etc etc .. When I had my 2 kids, it happened so fast and easily, so I foolishly expected to get pregnant right after my tubal reversal.

We decided to try for our own baby when we were 41 and I fell pregnant first cycle using OPKs.
Started charting temperatures because I was a little concerned that I could get pregnant if I ovulated early.

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