Pregnant after baby born

So now, on a more practical note, here’s a super realistic guide to what you can expect from your body in the weeks and months after giving birth, covering everything from whether breastfeeding really does make you lose weight to why doing lots of crunches is actually a bad idea. All women can expect to lose about 10-12 pounds (baby, placenta, fluids, etc) right after giving birth and then continue to see weight loss in the first week-- several pounds or more-- mostly from losing extra fluids accumulated during pregnancy. The hoo-ha over "momshells" and Jessica Simpson's weight loss deal can make it seem like all you're supposed to do after giving birth is diet, diet, diet. ACOG states that if you've been working out all along — pre- and during pregnancy — you can continue postpartum.
Being pregnant, nursing and carrying a baby in your arms, brings a lot of attention and focus to the front of your body such that your back and shoulders can start to curve around this new and substantial center. For the first several months you are still very much physically involved in the process of 'having a baby.' You have neither a pre-pregnant nor post-baby body yet.
Many women enjoy full, thick hair while pregnant, but find they experience hair loss after pregnancy. We lose hair everyday however, for some new moms, it starts coming out in clumps or thins out dramatically after baby is born.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, telogen effluvium begins 3 weeks to 6 months after baby is born.
TE differs from female pattern hair loss, which can be treated with laser therapy, hair transplants and medicines and is genetically based.  “However, if a women has female pattern hair loss, gives birth, and experiences telogen effluvium, once this hair grows back, very often the overall density of her hair is less than it was prior to pregnancy, says Dr. Hormones: Throughout pregnancy women experience significant fluctuations in their hormone levels, a contributing factor says Leonard to hair loss. The best way to do this is finding a balance between baby care and body care.The biggest problem women are facing after birth is lack of time. During pregnancy flesh and organs and skin have all adjusted or moved to accommodate the baby. Many women (a third of first time moms, and many more second time moms) find they have a gap between their stomach muscles after pregnancy. Female hair loss as a result of pregnancy is a very real and emotional reality during the postpartum period.
Doctors seem as interested in pregnant women keeping weight down as the celebrity magazines are.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that after 6 weeks, a pound a week loss with a healthy diet and some exercise is realistic. Other factors as to the timing of working out include how the birth went — if you have a c-section the recommendation from ACOG is to wait until at least 6-8 weeks before exercising — and whether this is your first baby. Whether you notice your hair thinning a bit or are experiencing actual bald spots, experts weigh in on this condition, called telogen effluvium, and give helpful tips for treating hair loss after pregnancy.
Rocking your newborn can be a genuine workout — focus on your positioning when you're carrying the baby to make the most of it. You are still very much in it — physically, emotionally, chemically — for weeks (at least) after the birth.

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