Pregnancy yoga dvd

If you're expecting a baby, hopefully you've heard about the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you have never tried yoga before your pregnancy, be sure to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.
The three yoga practices on this DVD, which are appropriate for your first, second and third trimesters, combine breathing exercises with postures that safely strengthen your arms and legs and stretch the torso and spine to create space for growing baby.

If you can't find any prenatal yoga classes near you, then try a prenatal yoga DVD, like this one, Prenatal Yoga With Desi Bartlett ($15). I remember pregnancy being a time for inner reflection, and this DVD is a great way to allow for some much-needed time to yourself. The beginning of each practice also focuses on Kegel exercises, which are vital for keeping the pelvic floor strong during pregnancy and for after.

This flowing, gentle, 45-minute yoga practice is designed to be used through all three trimesters.

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