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About half of all pregnancies last past 40 weeks, but most will end at 42 either with going into labor on their own, or by being induced. As you near the end of the pregnancy, and still haven't started labor you might start wondering about induction. While you'll be sure you couldn't forget a single detail of your baby's birth, all the excitement and fatigue and life itself will obscure some of the memories so make plans now to record it all. Keep track of your baby's development, and pregnancy symptoms with Baby Corner's free personalized week by week pregnancy calendar. Although you won't feel your cervix opening or thinning out, it is probably happening this week.
If your baby has dropped this week, the uncomfortable feeling in your pelvis may be traced to a certain someone's little head bumping up against your hips and bladder.
While no one really knows what causes those painful spasms in your legs, it's a good bet that carrying around all that pregnancy weight (especially this week!) is a pain in the legs. All the five senses are developed enough by this week as your baby is ready to greet the world.
In case of a breech position, where the baby remains in a feet down position, your doctor is likely to schedule a cesarean section in the 40th week [14]. Another routine procedure this week is a pelvic exam to check whether your cervix has started dilating (opening), effacing (thinning) and softening.

Doctors generally do not go for inducing labor in the 40th week, unless there are any danger to the mother or baby, as they agree that the longer the baby stays in the womb, the lesser the chances of complications after birth [2].
There are a number of natural measures, including castor oil, evening primrose oil and balsamic vinegar that are believed to induce labor and are used by many women in their 39th or 40th weeks [28].
Your baby is finally ready to come across you Learn why you may need to stimulate labor if you're overdue in week Are you 40 weeks pregnant Here is axerophthol list of things to retrieve during your. View the full video of the 40 Weeks of Fitness Prenatal Workout Series with Lauren Huber for FREE. Unless your baby is imminent danger, it's not typically considered until you are two weeks past due. Even if you only have days left to go, invest in a pregnancy body pillow if you haven't already.
However, late term babies (those born after week 41) are more likely to have relatively dry skin at birth [3]. Due to this reason it is quite common for babies to be born with a somewhat cone-shaped head that gradually becomes rounder over the first few weeks of life. However, it is still completely normal if your baby only engages before the start of labor, especially in a second-time pregnancy [13]. An ultrasound scan may be ordered to check on your baby and the placenta, as the latter may start deteriorating in case you go long beyond week 40 [17].

However, an induction of labor may be necessary if it does not start on its own as you near the end of week 42 [25]. What's happening Hoosier State week 40 of your pregnancy Your cocker is cook to be delivered and type A new awe-inspiring journey awaits you both.
About half of all pregnancies last longer than 40 weeks and it's anyone's guess when yours might end (though your practitioner will probably not let it go longer than 42 weeks, thankfully). It is quite common, especially for first time mothers, to end up carrying their baby for a couple of weeks more, as an induction of labor is often not considered until week 42. Mother Nature knows what she's doing (for the most part) and the majority of newborns are pretty well matched to the size of their mothers (if you're small-boned, chances are you're not carrying sumo baby in there — unless, of course, you've eaten like a sumo wrestler during pregnancy). Why do we pretend we know nearly pregnancies finis 40 weeks when most midwives and parents leave tell you that angstrom unit baby's precise exit engagement is.
Pregnancies are rarely allowed to continue beyond the 42nd week, as the placenta will not be able to support the baby past that time.
Most practitioners will induce Labour if you're quiet significant between one and two weeks after your due date.

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