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And there seems to be no shortage of sellers – and most are aware their customers could be using their tests for less than honorable reasons.
All of these methods were a vast improvement over what was used in the 1930’s.  Less than 100 years ago, FROGS were used to detect pregnancy!
If this was your pregnancy experience and it struck you as odd or off or wrong, you’re not alone, according to a recent small study that likely reflects a far broader opinion. Pregnant women are using the Internet to seek answers to their medical questions more often than they would like, say Penn State researchers.

Kraschnewski and colleagues set out to gather information to develop a smartphone app for women to use during pregnancy, and incidentally discovered that many women were unsatisfied with the structure of their prenatal care. The researchers conducted four focus groups, totaling 17 pregnant women — all of whom were over 18 and owned a smartphone. They would rather watch videos and use social media and pregnancy-tracking apps and websites.
However, the women were unsatisfied by the questionable accuracy of the information they found online.

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