Pregnancy symptoms questions about unsuccessful surgical abortion

After the abortion, Ms Skinner continued to suffer morning sickness and to feel movements in her womb. A spokeswoman for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service told MailOnline: 'There is a small risk of your pregnancy continuing with early medical abortion.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Women have had access to the abortion pill for over a decade, and yet there’s still a ton a miscommunications and misconceptions when it comes to what it’s for and what it does. Roe v Wade was 42 years ago, but reproductive rights continue to be a touchy subject, with abortions still classed as illegal in Ireland, and the stifling presence of anti-abortion groups outside clinics all over the globe. But, luckily, we continue to progress, and abortions are slowly but surely becoming more acceptable to those who need and want one for their own reasons.However, there is still very little concrete literature distributed on its properties and effects. The NHS does not offer the abortion pill in every area in the UK, so you will need to talk to your GP and find out whether it is available.

We asked Medical Director of Superdrug's Online Doctor, Dr Louise Draper, and Marie Stope's Director of Policy, Genevieve Edwards, to help break the taboo and tell us all the things you need to know about taking the abortion pill.
During your first treatment you will take the mifepristone, which affects a certain hormone which is needed for a successful pregnancy.
If there is a risk that you may have an ectopic pregnancy (where the egg develops outside the womb) you also won’t be able to have a medical abortion.Although this is rare, the treatment can cause complications in some women.
If it is not offered in your area, your doctor should be able to refer you to an area that does.You can also take the abortion pill at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), check their website to find your nearest BPAS abortion clinic. Genevieve says that the medical abortion - also known as the abortion pill - involves taking two sets of pills in order to end an unwanted pregnancy that results in a process that is similar to miscarriage.
This will cause a change in your womb, which terminates your pregnancy.Genevieve tells us that next, you will have to return to the clinic either 6, 24 or 48 hours after the first part of the termination is completed in order to take the Misoprostol tablets, which will make the “uterus (womb) to contract, resulting in cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage. This makes it sound scary, but there’s nothing to worry about: Genevieve tells us “Some women find a medical treatment is non-invasive, convenient and more private, with official figures released by the Department of Health this year showing that medical abortion accounted for more than half (51%) of all terminations in England and Wales for the first year ever”.

You will be able to go home about 30 minutes after taking the pills.” However, it must be noted that you will not be allowed to drive, so take a buddy or your partner with you.
Draper says that you may notice some side effects such as cramping or bleeding as your body passes the pregnancy, which can continue for a while - even weeks in some cases - and that painkillers can be taken to reduce any discomfort or pain, so it is wise to keep some on you, as well as some sanitary pads.In some cases, medical abortions can have other side effects, such as flushing, dizziness or diarrhoea. Genevieve also notes that in addition to these side effects, a medical abortion can cause chills and headaches, and can worsen symptoms of migraines and asthma in some people. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to anyone about your abortion, Marie Stopes offer free, confidential and impartial counselling on a 24-hour helpline.

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