Pregnancy scans 20 weeks

Women will usually be offered a fetal anomly scan at around 18 to 20 weeks gestation and there may be an option of an early "fetal echo" at about 14 weeks.  Ask your GP or hospital for more information. An ultrasound screening scan is not invasive.  The result is based on what is seen and interpreted, but not all problems can be detected by ultrasound. Every pregnancy has a small risk of an problem with the developing baby.  This risk is about 4% on average, so every pregnant mother should be offered screening.
If you are about to have a screening scan - we think it is reasonable to ask about heart screening for your baby. If a sonographer suspects a heart defect, they will usually refer parents to a specialist for a detailed scan, called a "fetal echo".  Usually an appointment will be made as soon as possible. Many parents tell us that finding that there may be a problem with their baby's heart, following a scan, is a very tough and worrying time.  It is natural to want to do something and to find out as much as possible about a baby's heart condition. Two lovely things happened at around the 17 week mark, my bump began to pop out and I started to feel the first baby flutterings. During comprehensive “routine” - 18-20 week ultrasounds growth measurements and a detailed scan of the fetal anatomy is done.

At the comprehensive “routine” 18 to 20 week ultrasound we will provide a ultrasound photo of the baby at a cost of $10.00 per photo. For Recheck 21+ weeks ultrasound – at the patient’s request we will attempt to provide a photo to purchase. If you wish, after the medical portion of the 18-20 week ultrasound has been completed, the technologist will call accompanying persons in from the waiting room to join you for a quick viewing of the baby. The ultrasound scan will be performed by a registered ultrasound technologist (sonographer) and the images will be reported by a radiologist (x-ray doctor). Today, we had our 20 week scan (at 20 weeks and 5 days really), as usual, I was feeling somewhat apprehensive. Considering the emotional drain you are put through during pregnancy, it made a huge difference to my attitude, my mood and my well being to be surrounded by such love and celebration. At 11-14 weeks' the developing heart is still very small and heart problems are more difficult to spot and may not have developed.
Both of these were a couple of weeks earlier than in my first pregnancy, I guess my tummy muscles are weaker than before and they say you feel the baby move earlier in subsequent pregnancies simply as you know what the feeling is!

We had such a fun time last weekend going to see Stick Man at the Leicester Square Theatre then fun in Covent Garden.
It may be used in some first and third trimester pregnancy scans with the patient’s permission. Fortunately my dentist could see me quickly and made as best she could with the tooth until post pregnancy when I can have some more robust work on it. My morning sickness had definitely started to ease off by around week 18 but continued nonetheless. Baby was more co-operative that time and everything seemed fine, another anxiety reducing pregnancy milestone passed.

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