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I’m writing this post because I hope other women who desperately scour Google for PUPPP information will find this.
No one, other than women who have had PUPPP, will understand the depths of your insanity as a result of this rash. I had PUPPP in last 3weeks of my pregnancy – puppp was completly gone in a hour after delivery!!! I ended up going to doctors and was prescribed Predisinone(steroid) and to take Avil(antihistamine) to calm the rash down and within 24hrs it was 90% gone! Adding the discomfort and downright pain of the rash and itching on top of pregnancy (or in my case, caring for a newborn) is a recipe for crazy town.
It’s the worst thing you can get, I was only 12 weeks and I was considering options like planning a Caesar just so bubs would come out early and rash would go.

The rash went away almost immediately after giving birth but came back full force within a couple of weeks. My little girl came 4 wks early so the doctor thought I might have had PUPPS regardless of her early arrival. Within minutes I was scratching my belly so hard that the stretch marks that had popped up during pregnancy turned into raised and angry looking welts. Seriously I thought it was a photo I had just taken and somehow ended up on google search for PUPPP!
My derm told me I was crazy, basically, and my midwife also said the pregnancy hormones should be long gone. I still have periods where I am itchy, but nothing like it was during the height of my PUPPP-induced insanity.
I’m using the pine tar soap and the lotion you recommended- it gives brief relief but the rash spreads it seems by the minute. I broke out into a rash that looked like mutant chicken pox and if that wasn’t enough, it itched to a maddening level.

I just had my yearly skin check yesterday and asked about PUPPP and the itching I have around my period (I’m convinced they are related) and he said the hormones that caused PUPPP would be long gone. I took 18 pills a day and it’s now day three and, while the rash is still there a little bit, it is FAR less severe.
He asked a few questions, took a peek at the damage, and broke the news: it was PUPPP, a condition that most commonly shows up in women while they are still pregnant¬†and it generally¬†resolves at birth. Well… since I was no longer pregnant, I could not count on it going away at any particular point. I went to Urgent care 2 weeks ago and they said they thought I had a yeast rash in my stomach but because I had scratched so much, I transferred bacteria to my arms and legs.

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