Pregnancy questions second trimester

While the first few months may have been marked by nausea and food aversions, the second trimester is typically when the cravings kick in and your urge to eat is suddenly matched only by your urge to cry at the drop of a hat! One of the best parts about the second trimester is that your bump finally makes its itty-bitty debut. For a lot of mamas-to-be, the second trimester has one of the most anticipated milestones in store: finding out the baby's gender. Going into the second trimester, your baby-to-be weighs about as much as one chicken breast.

But now that you're in your second trimester, you're in luck: Most mamas-to-be love these three months! Stretch marks are nearly synonymous with pregnancy, since 90 percent of women get them, but rest assured that after delivery they'll fade to a less noticeable silvery grey. Your sweetie is swallowing a bit of amniotic fluid each day for nutrition, hydration, and to practice swallowing and digesting, and as her tiny taste buds develop over the second trimester, she's already getting a flavor for all the foods on Mommy's menu. You'll find that you're feeling much better, you'll finally start showing, and you'll get to enjoy more of pregnancy's perks, like lush hair and an excuse to eat a few extra snacks.

As you start to show, you'll begin hearing the strangest comments, asked the most uncomfortable questions, and be exposed to your fair share of unsolicited advice.
Instead, you can spend this trimester testing out old wives' tales, like the pendulum test or the Chinese gender calendar.

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