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The most important criteria we considered when picking our favorite pregnancy app were the quality of information and the information sources.
BabyBump's free app (iOS, Android) will get you a daily pregnancy tip, week-by-week pregnancy and fetal development information, a daily journal for measuring symptoms, cravings, body weight and personal memories, and access to community forums.
There are checklists that can help you make sure you have the needed supplies for the new baby, nursery and postpartum-care, as well as an appointment calendar and an album to snap and store belly photos.
The home screen is adorned with precious newborn photos that will have moms-to-be forgetting to worry about the sleepless nights ahead.
The week-by-week graphics are attractive, and all of the basic tools are there: A kick counter, a contraction timer, hospital bag checklists and a doctor visit planner, where you can add questions for your provider. The advantage of BabyBump's forums is that they are broken out into support groups for specific situations, such as military families, high-risk pregnancies and even a dads-only community.
Advantages to the What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby free app (iOS, Android) include professional videos and the ability to easily add a second pregnancy and toggle between the two active (if sometimes contentious) community forums.

This app, created by the popular medical reference website, includes most of the features a pregnant woman could want, including information on week-by-week development, a checklist of suggested questions for prenatal visits, a weight tracker and kick counter, and even a contraction timer, for once labor begins.
One nice feature is a symptom tracker, where expecting moms can enter pregnancy symptoms and their severity day by day. Moms-to-be can record how they found out about their pregnancy, who they told and memories such as the first view of the baby on the ultrasound and their birth stories. The WebMD app can be customized to give you information specific to pregnancies of multiples.
If you can shrug off the drama and want the opportunity to chat with other moms and moms-to-be, your best bet is another free app: My Pregnancy Today (iOS, Android), by BabyCenter. It sounds like a small thing, but amid the aches, pains and worry that can come with pregnancy, the photos are quite a lovely reminder of the upsides of pregnancy and having a newborn. Like other pregnancy apps, this $3.99 option allows you to track your pregnancy daily and weekly, make checklists and appointment reminders, and count kicks.

But What to Expect's app gets only a grudging recommendation from us for these features because it is cluttered with ads and sponsored links, sometimes to questionable content. The graphics in the week-by-week sections are well done, with little buttons to click for factoids about that stage of pregnancy.
For example, one article on eating peanuts during pregnancy cites three doctors, each of whom offers different and contradictory recommendations. The big strength of Pregnancy++ is that you can see images of real fetuses from every week of pregnancy.

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