Pregnancy protein in urine

Your healthcare provider will take your urine sample, and insert a specially treated chemical strip (a dipstick) into the sample. It is generally nothing to worry about if the test detects trace levels of protein in your urine, unless you are showing other symptoms of an associated condition. The dipstick test shows how much protein is present in your urine, and this is classified from + (low) to ++++ (high). If a urinary tract infection is suspected, your healthcare provider will send your urine to the lab for more precise testing. In a lot of cases, the cause of protein in urine during pregnancy will not be pre-eclampsia. My midwives have told me that trace amounts of protein can also be caused by vaginal discharge.
Your healthcare provider will perform a dipstick test on the sample, to check certain substances in your urine.

Your protein output changes throughout the day, and can be affected by diet and fluid intake. A high grading especially in later pregnancy can indicate pre-eclampsia, a serious condition that requires close monitoring. One urine sample may suffice, or you may be asked to collect all urine output over a 24 hour period. Ectopic PregnancyThis is a serious and life threateningproblem in which the fertilized egg getsimplanted in the fallopian tubes outsidethe uterus. Placental AbruptionThis is another life threatening condition inwhich the pregnant woman will experienceabdominal pain. PreeclampsiaThis is another serious complication that isdiagnosed if you are suffering from highblood pressure and have excess protein inyour urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Urinary Tract InfectionThis is a common and less seriouscondition in which the pregnant womanmay experience abdominal pain.

An underlying problem such as kidney damage may also cause a high protein output in pregnant women.
I had been throwing up for the two weeks prior to but I thought it was just pregnancy stuff. The common causes for proteinuria in pregnancy is high blood pressure, diabetes and pre eclampsia.
If you are showing other symptoms of a urinary tract infection, your healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics before the lab results are back.
You measure how much protein is in someone’s body by the serum (blood) amount, not the urine amount.

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