Pregnancy pictures second trimester

Delivered right to your inbox, get pictures and facts onwhat to expect each week of your pregnancy. As we continue to monitor pregnancy week by week in Kenya, let us look at the second trimester which comes hot in the heels of the first trimester.
In the previous article on pregnancy week by week in Kenya-first trimester we looked at the progress of pregnancy from week 1 to week 12, which make up the first three months of the pregnancy period.
At week 13, we now enter in to the second trimester, let us see what to expect as you go into the fourth month of your pregnancy.

As this stage in your pregnancy week by week in Kenya, you will frequently pass urine because the growing fetus starts to press on your bladder and can not hold as much fluid forcing you to constantly empty it. As you monitor your pregnancy week by week in Kenya, you become aware that the baby can now hear sounds like music, bangs, your heartbeat and even your voice. Week 24 of your pregnancy week by week in Kenya, your belly will have increased further with your pregnancy now more pronounced.
At this stage of the pregnancy calendar of the pregnancy week by week in Kenya, the baby has developed rapid eye movement and his lungs are fully developed.

I hope as you continue on this journey, I hope this article on pregnancy week by week in Kenya will provide you with useful insights.
This trimester when compared to the first trimester is fairly easy for majority of the pregnant women.

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