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Babies born to women over 35 who smoke are at greater risk of having specific heart defects, suggests American research.The study, from Seattle Children's Hospital, adds to existing evidence that smoking during pregnancy can damage babies' hearts, as well as increase the risk of miscarriage, small babies and premature birth. Heaviest smokersThe research team analysed the hospital records of 14,128 children born with heart defects between 1989 and 2011 and compared them to the records of more than 62,000 children born without heart defects in the same year.They looked at the proportion of children with heart defects whose mothers said they smoked during pregnancy and the proportion of children without heart defects whose mothers smoked. Most women, especially those who are pregnant for the first time are always worried about the exact time babies position their bodies ready for birthing time. As you continue to progress through your pregnancy, the positioning of your baby becomes a very important factor to consider. If your uterus is stretched by previous pregnancies and your baby is rather small, it would make it hard for them to adopt the birth ready position. A breech pregnancy is when the baby’s buttocks and feet of the baby are the first to be seen instead of the head. Breech pregnancies are common in premature births or when the fetus is smaller than average size.

A breech positioning of your baby should not concern you as much especially if you are in the early stages of your pregnancy.
There are several positions you can get into at least twice daily from 32 weeks of pregnancy. One study found that hypnosis can help in turning a baby when done on women between 37 and 40 weeks of pregnancy. This position is when the head is facing down towards the birth canal since babies come out head first. During early pregnancy, your baby has plenty of room in the uterus and thus it is unlikely that they can be in a head down position. Also, breech pregnancies can also occur when the uterus contains fibroids, is unusually shaped, if there is placenta previa or when the mother has little or too much amniotic fluid.
Most breech babies are known to turn to the head down position during the last weeks of the pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses, the space decreases and thus your child tries to find a comfortable position. In a twin pregnancy, one of the babies or both may not be able to adopt the head down position.
Also, if the previous pregnancy was a breech one, there are chances that the other pregnancies will be breech.

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