Pregnancy pictures at 16 weeks

You probably will gain about 12 to 14 pounds this trimester, with a total gain of 25 to 35 pounds if you began pregnancy at your average weight. As a couple you might want to plan a romantic getaway because we all know how hard it will be for you to both getaway for even a weekend alone once your baby arrives. This entry was posted in Family, Moms & Dads, Parenting, Pregnancy and tagged 2nd trimester of pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy at 16 weeks by llpitlwp. Self care in pregnancy is the best way to fight both the mental and physical stresses that can lead to discomfort and complications with your pregnancy. Since this is the week when things begin to get "real", it can bring frustration, anxiety and worry.
At 16 weeks pregnant, some of your discomfort might wane while new symptoms begin to pop up. Weight gain is an important part of prenatal care and maternity, but it can begin to feel excessive if you haven't experienced pregnancy before. There are things you can do to safely control your weight gain during pregnancy, but some things should be avoided at all costs.

You're into your second trimester, so you'll likely feel more energy and less discomfort, plus you may have a recognizable baby bump instead of the extra padding that has left you feeling just plain fat over recent weeks.
This is the week when you may begin to feel a fluttering in your tummy, and it can catch you off guard. That's not just a little lump in your tummy, it's a little person, and you may be overcome with the reality of your pregnancy and what lies ahead.
If any levels do turn out to be abnormal, a diagnostic test called amniocentesis will be conducted sometime within the next two weeks to investigate further. In fact, this can be a pretty emotional week, so don't be surprised if you're feeling irritable or weepy.
A 16 week fetus accounts for just a few grams, while your increased blood volume and the water you're retaining will contribute significantly to the number on the scale. While some risks are slightly higher, mothers-to-be who are in their 30s can actually have smoother, healthier and more enjoyable pregnancies than their younger counterparts.
Snap a 16 week pregnancy picture to remember that fateful day, and tuck it into a photo album.

Lying or sleeping flat on your back at this point of your pregnancy will restrict the major blood vessels that bring nutrients and oxygen to your baby, so invest in a pregnancy pillow to help you find a stable, comfortable position on your side. At this point in your pregnancy, prenatal testing is typically conducted to detect the presence of Down syndrome and other serious birth defects.
In general, you should aim to gain between 25 and 35 pounds over the course of your three trimesters; if you've already put on over 15, you may want to take a closer look at your pregnancy lifestyle.
Of course, all pregnancies are different, and if you're not feeling any fluttering yet, don't fear -- your baby's likely doing fine and will begin to move around when she's ready.
The blood test will check your alpha-fetoprotein level, as well as your hCG and unconjugated estriol; high or low levels of one or more of these three pregnancy hormones can indicate conditions such as Down syndrome, spina bifida or organ defects.
In fact, some women (especially those who are pregnant for the first time) won't experience the quickening sensation until the third trimester.

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