Pregnancy over 40 now

A second key component to preparing yourself for conception, particularly those of us working to get pregnant over 40, is mental preparation. Use what you learn about the process of getting pregnant as well as the possibilities of what can happen during the process to keep yourself strong mentally.  If you wind up having to go through infertility treatments, it can take a long time and you will need to be physically and mentally strong to go through its ups and downs.
We’ve all heard the statistics: after 35, your fertility levels and hormones begin to drop, leaving you a small chance of getting pregnant the later you wait.
You’re a busy woman—you’re in a stable job you love, you enjoy packing up for weekend road trips, and you haven’t been ready until now. Of course, these pros and cons are not universal: every woman and every pregnancy is entirely unique.

Because your body is older, you do have a higher risk of pregnancy complications than younger mothers do.
If you’re unsure if you “missed the bus” on pregnancy or are concerned with the potential risks, talk to your doctor. In fact, about half of the women over 40 have fertility problems, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Likewise, you’ve probably been reading baby books and experiencing other children to prepare yourself: overall, you’re more prepared to make parenting decisions than you would have been at 22. Developing high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as placental problems during a late pregnancy isn’t uncommon.

This isn’t the same thing as a surrogate, who becomes fertilized with your partner’s sperm and goes through pregnancy for you. However, frequent doctor’s visits and proper care will help you manage a pregnancy and reduce some of the risk.
Even if you’re biological clock has ran out, you still have plenty of options for pregnancy.

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