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ArmySara Holland, who works as an army lawyer (think Demi Moore in her navy threads in A Few Good Men), wore maternity uniforms through both of her pregnancies.
For her Class A uniform, which is the equivalent of a suit, "the blazer no longer works when you get pregnant, so they have this jumper-type thing. The pants didn't have pockets -- and it's not like, once I got pregnant, I suddenly didn't need pockets!" Also, she says that while regular pants come in a variety of lengths, the maternity pants just come in super-extra-long so they can be hemmed as needed.

In Hawaii and Germany, Holland says she could simply go to the supply point with her doctor's note, stating she was really pregnant, and pick up her ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms). A friend of hers at West Point found that "they don't have all that many enlisted folk there, so they had no ACUs to issue her" and had a friend who'd just had her baby send her a set.There are also lots of rules about how to wear uniforms, of course, and these are relaxed when you're pregnant.

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