Pregnancy on roller coasters

Thank goodness my first call was to my very reasonable family practice doctor who told me that being pregnant was not a disease. But for me, my fertility and pregnancies (and breastfeeding and newborns and children) are all a part of my normal life.
I continue to eat in a moderate and healthy way, and limit my weight gain to avoid feeling overweight and miserable during and after pregnancy.
I go on roller coasters and water slides even into my third trimester, brazenly daring the teenaged minimum wage theme park employees to accuse me of being pregnant. I eat sushi and brie and prosciutto because they are yummy and because they have never yet given me food poisoning, pregnant or not.

And the thing is, most of this pregnancy advice seems to me to come, not from actual scientific research, but rather from theme park lawyers, internet conspiracy theorists, and Victorian novelists whose heroines will insist on going horseback riding against the wishes of their husbands and can be counted upon to miscarry and learn an important lesson about docility.
I don't think any of those three are better sources of lifestyle advice than the whole of human history in which, for many women, pregnancy was the rule rather than the exception for 20-30 years of their lives.
So if my view of pregnancy is that it's something that's dangerous to mothers and babies, then I'd have to treat fertility as a disease to be cured. I'd have to "plan parenthood" so as to make very, very certain I didn't ever accidentally ride a roller coaster when I might unknowingly be pregnant. And I think being able to have a glass of wine with the husband or go on a roller coaster with my kids has been a big part of that.

And that's what I've done through all six of my previous pregnancies, and what I'm currently doing during pregnancy number seven.

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