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If you are here, then I am sure you have heard a lot about this new ebook called Pregnancy Miracle written by Dr. Chapter 2: It talks about the traditional eastern medications for fertility treatment as well as the latest western medications available for the same job. Chapter 4: This is one chapter you must read if you are concerned about whether your fertility is negatively affected by some of the medical problems you have.
This chapter also explains about other diseases such as fibroids, cysts in ovary, endometriosis, PCOS, and many such diseases which may make you infertile without your knowledge!
Chapter 5: Given the number of tests which precedes the diagnosis of infertility, as well as the diagnosis itself, can leave a lot of women emotionally bruised. No matter what medical issue you may have, you can get pregnant if only you follow the tips and advice suggested in this ebook. I will go so far as to say that if you cannot get pregnant even after reading this ebook, then your situation is utterly hopeless. She had to surf through thousands of websites, read several related books on the subject of pregnancy and fertility, read magazines and publications which deal with the issue of infertility, learn all about the Bio rhythmic Lunar cycles, participate in diet programs which are recommended for women who are in pre-conception stage etc.

She was a very healthy and fit lady, with no miscarriage in the past, so she had no reason to believe that she would face trouble getting pregnant. For fourteen long years she kept up with her research studies and her efforts bore fruit when after following the program detailed in the Pregnancy Miracle guide, she managed to get pregnant at last! For the price, you will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive course on using natural methods to boost fertility for a healthy pregnancy. This unique program relies on ancient Chinese methods that have been used for centuries to help couples get pregnant and start (or expand) their family.Aside from being a roadmap to pregnancy success, this guidebook also educates you on the very basics of getting pregnant, the main causes of infertility, and how to know when you (as a woman) are most fertile.
All of this information helps you gain a better understanding of why you’re having trouble getting pregnantThroughout your journey, you’ll learn more about how Eastern medicine differs from Western medicine when it comes to fertility treatments. However, before we dive into the chapter overviews it is import to note that this is a 290 page book packed with helpful and actionable information.I have seen a lot of ebooks out there that just “feel” half done. You’ll learn about your and your partner’s reproductive systems, so you can get a better understanding of how pregnancy happens.Chapter 2Chapter 2 gives you more insight into infertility. Find out which foods and supplements can help you get pregnant, and which toxins to avoid.Use acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to cleanse the body.

Find out which herbs will eliminate blockages, improve your body’s overall functioning and prepare your body up for a healthy pregnancy.Cleanse the body and liver. A complete plan to rid your body of harmful toxins that are keeping you from getting pregnant.Use acupressure to enhance your qi.
From immune system disorders to age, fibroids, testicular trauma and endometriosis, Lisa discusses common medical conditions that may be preventing you from getting pregnant.The Pregnancy Miracle book is a comprehensive guide on how to beat infertility using natural, ancient Chinese methods. I listed this a con simply because some of us out here prefer a hard cover book.The Pregnancy Miracle is not an overnight cure.

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