Pregnancy medical questions hotline

If your mental image of a midwife is the woman who rides a horse through snow at midnight to reach a distant cabin, professionals at Intermountain Medical Center have news for you.
Certified nurse-midwives in the 21st century are trained medical professionals who deliver babies in hospitals and provide the kind of "high-tech, high-touch" experience that focuses on women's concerns about how the birth process will play out for them.
Questions about issues women should be aware of before and during pregnancy will be answered today from 10 a.m. Even women with high-risk pregnancies can choose to work with the two, whose practice includes the services of high-risk obstetricians who serve as backup during the pregnancy, labor and delivery process.

The hospital also has a lower-cost program that targets those who are considered high-risk pregnancies, including Hispanic immigrants who don't have insurance.
The hotline may also feature other contact numbers and information women can use to answer pregnancy-related questions. Angela Anderson and Angel Murdock, both certified nurse-midwives at Intermountain Medical Center, will answer calls. Typically, women who have questions about the physical changes and symptoms they experience during pregnancy contact the hotline.

These hotlines are also for people who are considering adoption and have questions about the process.
Most home pregnancy tests are designed to be taken three or four days before an expected period, according to Dr.

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