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Whether this is your third pregnancy or the third week of your first pregnancy, you’ve heard it a million times already: “Your life will change when that baby comes”. You discover someone’s put raspberry leaf tea into the kitchen cupboard at work and immediately start wondering who’s pregnant. You find yourself sizing up any man with a slight paunch and wondering how many weeks’ pregnant he is. As soon as you have your pregnancy confirmed by the doctor, you’ll be bombarded with brochures and books on being pregnant. Here at MM we disagree –we think that if you’re pregnant you have a right to know what you can expect to happen to your body during those nine months– even the embarrassing stuff! This is often one of the very first symptoms a woman will experience when she becomes pregnant. You’ll read a lot about the pregnancy hormones will make your hair long and luscious your nails grow faster and stronger, which is true.
If you find yourself suddenly forgetting names, losing car keys, misplacing objects and generally finding it hard to focus or concentrate on things, then you could be suffering from pregnancy or baby brain. One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is sensitive and swollen breasts as they undergo changes to prepare for breastfeeding.

You often hear people refer to the pregnancy ‘glow’ –that lovely flushed complexion pregnant women can get which simply radiates health.
J Lo, Christina Aguilera and Denise van Outen all complained that their feet grew a size bigger when they were pregnant.
Alcohol isn’t just something you should avoid during pregnancy; a number of studies associate high levels of alcohol with suboptimal fertility, and it can also affect sperm count and motility. There isn’t a whole lot of medical evidence to prove that memory loss and poor concentration are linked to pregnancy but the majority of pregnant women insist they suffer from these symptoms and who’s to argue with them! Being pregnant is an emotional roller coaster and these mood swings are all a result of fluctuating hormone levels in your body.  Don’t worry, the Jekyll and Hyde mood swings won’t last, but it is important to understand them and learn how to manage them. Body overheating is a common pregnancy problem and it’s pretty  unavoidable because your body is using more energy in order to carry the baby around. There are a whole lot of things that the doctors and nurses don’t tell you about being pregnant, either because they are not medically founded, or because they are just considered better left unsaid.
The medical term for this pregnancy symptom is dysgeusia and it’s caused by pregnancy hormones, in particular oestrogen. In the meantime, waxing and shaving are the safest ways to deal with the extra hair while pregnant.

Nasal congestion is a common side effect of pregnancy, caused as a direct result of – you guessed it – hormones! The effects of pregnancy on your skin can be huge with some women’s skin type changing altogether.
Like morning sickness, the symptom should ease as your pregnancy progresses, but in the meantime, you can try and banish the taste from your mouth by brushing your tongue regularly, eating acidic foods such as grapefruit or pickles, or drinking orange juice or gingerale. Also known as rhinitis – nasal congestion affects between 20 and 30 percent of all pregnant women and is caused by swelling in mucous membranes lining the nose.
Add to this the fact that you have an increased level of blood running throughout your blood vessels – which expand while you are pregnant – and you have the wonderful effect of nasal congestion and increased chances of nose bleeds. Don’t panic, it may take a few weeks, but your skin should return to normal after pregnancy.

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