Pregnancy lingerie

Not all women feel particularly sexy during pregnancy — depending, of course, where you are on the 40-week spectrum. Luckily there are plenty of sexy maternity lingerie options out there — you just need to know where to find them. Lingerie is one of the most fashionable and sexy lines of maternity underwear on the market. Breastfeeding bras have 6 hooks at the back allowing you to extend the bra out with your pregnancy and clip back closer after you have given birth. You may find your cup sizes change as your pregnancy progresses, every pregnancy and woman is different, however you may find you need to go up 3-4 cup sizes and increase your band size as your baby grows.

Hotmilk is the leading brand of beautiful nursing bras and maternity lingerie, currently sold in over 50 countries around the globe. Not only does Hotmilk specialise in lingerie, our sleepwear is sensual, sophisticated and delightfully functional, so much so that it is sought out by women who are not pregnant or nursing simply because of its beauty, comfort and support.
Hotmilk's vision is to change maternity and nursing lingerie the world over by revealing the sexy woman inside the loving mother. Maternity bras and pregnancy bras typically do not have nursing clips to allow for breastfeeding and are worn throughout your pregnancy.
Hotmilk's glamorous lingerie certainly does not skimp on being feature rich to ensure you have comfort and support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Hotmilk continues to be the brand that is sought out and recommended by mothers, especially by those wanting lingerie that empowers and encourages them to feel fabulous, and to be decadent, at a time when they deserve it most! Hotmilk lingerie can be worn at either stage, maternity or nursing, and we find our mothers continue to wear our lingerie long after they stop feeding as it's so incredibly sexy and luxurious! There is no reason why you can’t wear a nursing bra during your pregnancy and you may find that after giving birth this nursing Bra may fit you well to breastfeed in.

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