Pregnancy lab values

AbstractPurpose: Detection of infection caused by Toxoplasma gondii during pregnancy to prevent congenital infection. IntroductionToxoplasma gondii, the causative agent of toxoplasmosis can cause significant morbidity and mortality in the developing foetus if the mother acquires acute infection during pregnancy. 5.Avelino MM, Campos D Jr, do Carmo Barbosa de Parada J, de Castro AM Pregnancy as a risk factor for acute toxoplasmosis seroconversion. Diabetes update: normal blood sugars in pregnancy, I have until now avoided discussing the issue of what normal blood sugars should be in pregnancy because it looked like gynecologists were being more. Common lab values, hematology values, hematocrit, The esr (sedimentation rate for short) is the rate at which red blood cells sediment to the bottom of a tube in a period of one hour.
Liver function tests - procedure, blood, tube, pain, Liver function tests, or lfts, include tests that are routinely measured in all clinical laboratories.
The patient is a 33 year old female who presented for a routine clinical evaluation during a twin pregnancy.

Effect of testing for IgG avidity in the diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women: experience in a US reference laboratory. VIDAS test for avidity of Toxoplasma-specific immunoglobulin G for confirmatory testing of pregnant women.
Sources of toxoplasma infection in pregnant women: European multicentre case-control study. Prevention of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy--an epidemiologic survey over 22 consecutive years.
Therefore, strategies for early recognition of maternal infection and the institution of adequate treatment during pregnancy could have a substantial impact on the incidence and neonatal mortality that are associated with congenital infection. There are only a handful of studies available from India that have estimated the incidence of acute infection during pregnancy [9],[10] This study aims to determine prevalence and incidence of T. The patients were educated about the Toxoplasma infections during pregnancy, its implications and importance of testing through oral and written material.

IgG Avidity ELISA: IgG avidity ELISA, performed as an in-house test and is standardized in our lab.
This test is based on the principle of avidity of IgG antibodies formed during recent acute infections; it is low and is tested by calculating the difference between the absorbance values due to antibody binding in the absence and presence of a urea solution. The differences were considered to be statistically significant when the P value obtained was less than 0.05. So screening of pregnant women for anti toxoplasma antibody and to educate them about source of transmission and preventive measures for disease is very important.In a study conducted by Carter et al.
Therefore, based on the results of our study, it is recommended that the pregnant women should be screened and educated concerning the risk factors that contribute to toxoplasma infections, and the importance of taking preventive measures.

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