Pregnancy jean extender

Belly Belt Button-up kit contains all you need to turn your regular jeans, skirts, pants, and shorts into maternity wear. Later in your pregnancy, when you're unable to do up as many buttons, you may like to add a fabric panel (supplied with your kit) over the Belly Belt before buttoning into the gap. When it came to maternity wear, I used every trick in the book to extend my pre-pregnancy clothes. If you have a favorite pair of maternity jeans that you simply can’t live without for 9 months, Denim Therapy will insert expandable side inseams to expand with your growing body for $60.

This instant button is a good fix for those early weeks of pregnancy, when your pre-pregnancy jeans are snug but maternity jeans are just too baggy. The most inexpensive, easiest trick is to simply use a hair elastic to expand the waist on your pre-pregnancy jeans. The popular Bella Band is also designed to cover exposed skin, hide unbuttoned jeans and even hold up maternity jeans that are a little too big. The Instant Button allows you to easily snap in a button wherever you might need it, extending the waistband without it being too noticeable.

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