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Getting pregnant can be really good news for couples but knowing about the trimesters in pregnancy is very important. During the first trimesters in pregnancy, the body of the pregnant lady undergoes various changes. With the beginning of third trimesters in pregnancy, you realise you have just a few weeks to go. It is really important for the would be mother to know about these trimesters in pregnancy stages properly so that she can be prepared from beforehand and cope up with the pressures easily. The baby’s fingers and toes get defined and his eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, hair and nails are formed. There will be many changes and troubles in your body like backache, bleeding, mild contractions, breast enlargement along with vaginal discharge and frequent urination. Knowing about her body and the developing foetus is an important part of pregnancy so that she can take care of herself really well.

Nevertheless, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your baby and the pregnancy remain healthy and safe. Nervous system starts to function from this fourth month of pregnancy and ultrasound can also detect now whether it is a girl or boy as their reproductive organs are developed. You will also be affected by fatigue, shortness of breath, haemorrhoids, swelling, weight gain, and vomiting tendency. Waiting to find out whether one is pregnant before even missing the period can be the hardest and stressing moment ever. With the help of gynecologists and pre-natal experts, a woman can live the best nine months of life happily and joyfully. The placenta also develops during this trimesters in pregnancy which helps to transfer nutrients from the mother to the baby.
By the end of 7 months, the baby’s bones will be completely developed and its kicks will be forceful.

It is also important for the would-be mother to know about the various stages of pregnancy so that she can adapt to the changes taking place. In a fifth month, a soft fine hair called lanugo covers the baby all over the body and it sheds off at baby’s first week of life. By the end of the 37th week, the baby is perfectly formed and all its organs are ready to function on their own.

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