Pregnancy health worries

Pregnancy brings a lot of emotional and physical changes that aren't always easy to manage!
During the second trimester, your pregnancy becomes more real, because you can finally start to see the physical changes that are happening to you.
Worrying during pregnancy is perfectly normal. In fact, your worries are just a side effect of the love that you already feel for your baby. The following are 5 common pregnancy worries that are fairly routine for ALL pregnant women at some point or another.
I’ve having a complicated pregnancy and every single day I worry that it is her last.

We talk about all the worries and common ailments that pregnant women go through before the big day!
If you find that your worries are excessive, cause immense anxiety, or that you are unable to stay focused on anything else or feel depressed, you should check with your practitioner for help. Health & Parenting Ltd disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice. It's quite normal since during the first trimester, the pregnancy and the baby feel quite intangible since all we can feel are the unpleasant symptoms that usually accompany the first trimester. Just relax, follow your doctors orders, and try not to worry about your baby’s health unless your physician gives you a reason to.

The thing is if it happens to you, chances are you won’t be worried about what other people are thinking. You will be worried about getting to the hospital and it will make a fond memory to look back on.

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