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The survey by the University of Michigan of US women aged between 20 and 59 is believed to be the first to identify teen pregnancy as a predictor of obesity.
I do not insist that early pregnancy will not make you fat: only that this research seems to have missed something really rather important, that being fat might lead to early pregnancy. This research suffers from the same problem that an awful lot of economics research suffers from: getting correlation and causality confused. Difficult pregnancy: The picture on the left shows Evan soon after he was born 10 weeks premature.

Her dramatic weight loss meant Mrs Bassett had to be taken into hospital when just 11 weeks pregnant.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Young women who have children in their teens are at greater risk of becoming fat than their peers who don't get pregnant, new research shows."Our findings are potentially important because adolescence has been identified as one of the critical periods of development that set the stage for the onset of obesity later in life," Dr. Forty-three percent of the 983 African-American girls got pregnant in their teens, compared to 19 percent of the 907 white girls.Overall, at age 18 or 19, 28 percent of the white women and 49 percent of the African-American women were overweight or obese.
Among the black women in the study, those who had one or more babies during their teens were heavier and had larger waists, larger hips, and more body fat than their counterparts who did not get pregnant.Similar trends for waist size and body fat were seen among the white women.

But bizarrely I still felt fat and also after so long being tube-fed, my stomach had shrunk to the size of a tennis ball. Eating solids made me feel sick.'Sadly, while Evan went home with his father, Mrs Bassett was too frail to leave.

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