Pregnancy gain 50 pounds

Sometimes no matter how hard you try and keep your weight in check during pregnancy, you still wind up putting on a few more pounds than you initially expected and end up tipping the scales well above the recommended 25 to 35 pound weight gain. Featured Pregnancy Articles5 Reasons It Rocks To Be Pregnant In The FallWaterworks Warning!
Paula Rollo, a blogger at Beauty Through Imperfection and a mother of two, gained 45 pounds with her first child and 50 pounds with her second.
After gaining almost 50 pounds with her first pregnancy, Katie Fazio, a future nursing student, writer, and blogger at Millenial Mom, gained 35 pounds the second time around.

Brittany Val of The Lily Field is no stranger to being open with her pregnancy weight gains.
Lost 20lbs with BFing and walking about 2 months postpartum, then gained it all back after switching to the depo shot (never again!). She looks so amazing now, you'd never guess that Vanessa Lachey gained 65 pounds while pregnant with her son Camden. And if celeb moms aren't afraid to spill the beans on how many pounds they added to their fab figures -- none of us should be either.

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