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Protein Getting adequate high protein foods into your prenatal diet Babble has the summit 10 pregnancy foods that are high in protein for you and your growing baby. Precautions Whenever possible try to minimize your use of Processed food items such as hot dogs.
If you are trying to get pregnant or already pregnant, you can consume the following types of fish in the amount mentioned below:1. Tuna fish:You must control the amount of tuna fish while you are pregnant as it contains mercury in it. You must also avoid the following varieties of shellfish as it can trigger food poisoning risks.

Enozia Vakil on July 21, 2015 Image : ShutterstockDuring pregnancy, some foods which are safe under normal circumstances become harmful. A lot of pregnant women may be concerned about adding certain foods to their diet while expecting, and oysters are one of them.Oysters are a gourmet delicacy and it may even be one of your favorite foods ever.
Just a 3 oz portion is thought to contain 67 mg of zinc, which is one of the many important minerals needed during pregnancy.Oysters are also good for your heart.
They contain important healthy minerals including omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E, all of which are thought to reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease.While oysters are packed with many health benefits, that may be beneficial for a pregnant women, medical experts suggest limiting the consumption of this seafood.
The thumb rule, to implement for safe eating during pregnancy, is to avoid consuming any animal meat that is raw.

Under cooked or raw meat is thought to contain many bacteria that may lead to infections, and may sometimes cross your placental barrier, putting your growing baby at risk.Pregnant women have a suppressed immune system and oysters (raw) are thought to be one of the most common causes of seafood-related food poisoning.
Raw oysters during pregnancy, under any circumstances, is non-preferable.Under cooked oysters may cause gastrointestinal problems and may also lead to severe infections for your developing fetus.

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