Pregnancy fatigue

Pregnancy is sort of like climbing a mountain or running a marathon (without having trained) while carrying a backpack that weighs a little more every day. If your fatigue is severe, persistent or lasts throughout your entire pregnancy, talk to your practitioner – especially if you experience other symptoms like weakness, breathlessness or even fainting spells (which may mean you have iron-deficiency anemia, a common but treatable condition). During the first trimester of pregnancy, a huge amount of energy goes into building a life-support system for your baby (namely the placenta) – which is why you might be feeling extra pooped around week 9.
Follow the pregnancy diet, focusing on long-lasting energy boosters, such as protein and complex carbohydrates.

It is believed that the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy have a role to play in the increase of fatigue and weakness.2. Pregnancy comes tied with an increased frequency of urination, which can make you go to the washroom several times during the night, and can be physically draining.4.
It is also believed that depression, sadness and stress could contribute to weakness and fatigue.6. Certain nutritional deficiencies particularly iron deficiency or anaemia may also be associated with weakness and extreme tiredness during pregnancy.7.

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