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Baby DevelopmentA guide to baby led weaningHow to give baby signing a go - Singapore style! In modern Singapore, most women automatically opt for a gynecologist to deliver their babies.
The advantage of hiring a midwife is that she will usually give you more personal attention than a doctor, whose time is usually limited. During labour, midwives will stay by your side the entire time, whereas doctors may not come in until it’s time to deliver the baby.
Hi Prof Tan, Regarding the myths concerning pregnancy, it's said that it's best not to do any renovation work, painting, or sorts during this period otherwise the born child will have birthmark.
There is no scientific evidence to suggest that doing renovation works during pregnancy will result in birth mark on the child. A pregnant woman should have a good and well balance diet that can provide all the necessary nutrients require during pregnancy.
Most pregnant mothers experience morning sickness, nausea and vomiting of various degree of severity during the first trimester. Yes it is prudent to have a pre pregnancy counselling and blood tests to check for underline medical conditions such as anaemia, thalassemia, infection etc.
It is common for pregnant mothers to feel tired more easily especially in the late 2nd or 3rd trimesters.
Biologically, a woman can potentially get pregnant as long as she has not undergone the menopause. In addition, pregnancies that are conceived in older women are at higher risks of miscarriages. Older women are more likely to have existing chronic medical problems (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) all of which can become harder to control during pregnancy. I would suggest seeing your doctor early for a check-up and discussion before making your decision.
The majority of organisms that cause vaginal discharge in women should not directly affect pregnancy. 3) Donation of cord blood to the public Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCCB) requires that the donor be free of any infectious diseases.

If you desire VBAC and your doctor deems you suitable for this, you will be allowed a short trial of labour.
But if you have a high-risk pregnancy, you still require a doctor to deliver your baby in case medical intervention is required. As a future mother (or father), you no doubt have many questions – ranging from pre-pregnancy preparations to delivery options and even what are the myths and facts with regards to pregnancy. Vitamin supplement is just to supplement the diet however I would advise all pregnant mothers to take daily folic acid.
Pregnant women should have a good and balance diet throughout the pregnancy to ensure maternal and fetal well-being.
Pregnant mothers should have more rest and avoid excessive physical activities in addition to a balance diet. It is recognized though, that the chances of getting pregnant are reduced the older a woman gets, typically after the age of 35.
These pregnancies are also at higher risk of Down Syndrome – 1 in 100 pregnancies in women at the age of 40 can be affected. They are also more likely to experience gestational diabetes or pregnancy-induced hypertension.
In the event that you get pregnant, do see an obstetrician early so that the necessary tests and follow-ups can be scheduled for you. It would be helpful for you to consult your doctor and your chosen cord blood bank prior to delivering your baby. Even if you have had a successful VBAC in the previous pregnancy, it does not negate the existing risks of uterine rupture in your current pregnancy. While miscarriages do occur in 25% of all pregnancies, recurrent miscarriages (3 consecutive miscarriages) happen only in 1% of women. Subfertility is a concern for these women as women with PCOS may not ovulate regularly and thus, their pregnancy chances are diminished. Midwives in Singapore can run prenatal classes, coach mums-to-be on their labour and deliver babies.
However, if the incontinence were to persist, please consult your doctor for a pelvic floor assessment and mode of delivery for your next pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers are advised to avoid strenuous exercise or activities with risks such diving, etc. If they do conceive, they are higher risks of developing complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure during the pregnancy. The fertilized embryo will then have to implant itself into the lining of the womb before a pregnancy ensues. The failure rate is 1 in 200 cases and it may lead to ectopic pregnancy (outside the womb) if the method fails. It is worthwhile investigating the probable causes as treatment may increases the rate of a successful pregnancy.
This allows you to enjoy the reassuring support of the midwife and the medical expertise of the doctor in the same room. Knowing more about pre-pregnancy preparation, delivery options and the medical truths on myths of pregnancy can help to dispel worry and uncertainty. If you’re trying to choose between a midwife or a doctor to deliver your baby, here are some things to consider. Common treatments for eczema such as antihistamines or topical steroids should not have a major impact on pregnancy.
Recently i went to a doctor and he gave me NORETHISTERONE TAB 5mg - he said its meant to induce my menses but so far, nothing. The severity of your asthma needs to be assessed prior to conceiving, as well as on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy. One third of asthmatics may improve their control while pregnant, with another third experiencing no changes and the remaining third experiencing more severe symptoms.

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