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A Perth-based obstetrician says he stands by his comments that some women are risking their quality of life and being selfish when deciding to have children later in life. A Perth obstetrician has defended his comments published in The West Australian today saying that older mothers are selfish and will burden their offspring with financial despair.
Dr Barry Walters is a physician in obstetric medicine at Perth's King Edward Memorial Hospital and treats prenatal women for health conditions that he says increases with age. Dr Walters stressed that his major concern is that older women have a higher risk of medical complications during pregnancy including higher blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney trouble.

Dr Catherine McMahon is a senior lecturer at Macquarie University who focuses on the psychosocial wellbeing of women during pregnancy and early parenthood and says there needs to be a more balanced response to older women having babies. Dr McMahon says studies have found that the major factor in women delaying pregnancy was finding a committed partner who was willing to have a baby with them.
One of Dr McMahon's studies showed older women were more psychologically prepared for pregnancy, able to deal with the stress of parenthood and were less likely to experience depression compared to younger mothers.
King Edward Memorial Hospital distanced itself from Dr Barry Walters's comments today releasing a statement saying the opinions expressed by Dr Walters were his own personal views and not those of the hospital.

Midwives are health professionals who provide specialist care, education, and support during pregnancy, birth, postnatal, and the early parenting period. Your obstetrician will look after all your medical needs during your pregnancy and can cater for all types of pregnancy from low to high risk.

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