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A Canadian woman is getting psychiatric treatment after doctors say she tricked her boyfriend and the community into thinking she was pregnant with quadruplets. Some doctors say she likely suffered from phantom pregnancy where she tricked her body and mind into thinking she was pregnant. LONDON (AP) - A Swedish doctor says four women who received transplanted wombs have had embryos transferred into them in an attempt to get pregnant. Brannstrom said any woman in the study who does get pregnant will be on a low dose of drugs to keep from rejecting the transplanted womb and will be monitored as a high-risk pregnancy.
Some doctors said women who got pregnant with a new uterus would have to be watched carefully for how the womb progresses throughout pregnancy. Brannstrom said the transplanted wombs would be removed after a maximum of two pregnancies.
Our Naples obgyn specialists truly appreciate the importance that a woman's sexual and reproductive health holds for her—physically and emotionally. Our obgyn physicians and nurse practitioners in Naples keep abreast of the most advanced treatment options to assist infertile men and women who wish to conceive children. Our Naples team of obgyn physicians are specialists in all aspects of reproductive endocrinology, including the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, and problems with ovulation or sperm function and recurring pregnancy loss.

Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility in Naples, FL provides a talented doctor along with an outstanding team of physicians and obgyn specialists who offer a range of services to ensure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible. When surgery is necessary we offer highly trained doctors along with a full-range of obstetric and gynecologic surgeries to provide the best outcome for both our patients.
Doctors in Britain and Hungary are also planning similar operations, but using wombs from dead donors. Dean Hildahl is not just a leading Naples Gynecologist but he also is the founder and President of the Foundation for Women's Health. Hildahl's obgyn practice in Naples, FL is ethically driven suggesting non-surgical alternatives first, only recommending the least invasive surgical procedure - accomplished by a highly trained doctor and his team of talented specialists.
Whether your pregnancy is routine or complicated, we will provide excellent care for you and your baby. Hildahl is an ob gyn doctor who truly appreciates the importance that a woman's sexual and reproductive health holds for her both physically and emotionally. Our staff in Naples FL understands whether your pregnancy is routine or complicated, which is why we provide a specialized obgyn doctor that will care for you and your baby. To speak to a ob gyn doctor and learn more about surgery and clinic procedures in Naples, click here.

As the only obgyn doctor in Naples Florida to have completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, he has received world class training and experience - designating Dr. Our expert obgyn physicians and specialists team in Naples offer a well-rounded approach to your gynecological care, one that meets both your physical and emotional needs. To speak to an obgyn doctor and learn more about our ob gyn and infertility specialists in Naples FL click here. Click here for more information about obstetrics in Naples Florida and find an obgyn doctor who is right for you. Click here to get more information about our services in Naples Florida and choose a obgyn doctor who is right for you.

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