Pregnancy birth problems

A vaccine for babies in the womb could one day prevent pregnancy complications such as premature births, scientists say.
Naturally occurring cells in pregnancy suppress a mother-to-be’s immune system, making them less likely to reject a foetus, say scientists. Doctors say the findings will help develop vaccines to prevent problems such as premature births.
Scientists have found that periods of high extinction on Earth have been the drivers of the diversification of amniotes, which include today's land vertebrates, such as reptiles, birds, and mammals.
Although there are some elevated risks to having a child after 40, many women have perfectly normal pregnancies.

Multiple births might be seen as a wonderful outcome for some, but for an older woman expecting only one, they can be a source of discontent.
Despite there being advantages to holding off on starting a family, the risks associated with later-in-life pregnancies need to be taken seriously.
This type of diabetes occurs only during pregnancy and can happen to an otherwise diabetes-free woman. At 18 weeks pregnant, the participants were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding stressful events during their pregnancies, including financial hardship, separation or divorce, losing a close relative or friend, losing a job, marital problems, problems with the pregnancy and moving residences.
The children were grouped based on stressful events that happened to the mother during pregnancy, including those born to mothers who experienced no stress during pregnancy, those born to mothers who experienced fewer than three stressful events during pregnancy and those born to moms who experienced three or more stressful events during pregnancy.

If the pregnancy does come to fruition, older women also have higher odds of delivering early or their child having a low birth weight.
Untreated gestational diabetes can cause the baby to grow too large and complicate pregnancy and delivery alike.

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