Pregnancy birth control

A contraceptive method is used to prevent fertilization or conception during sexual relations.
So if it fails any method, try the emergency birth control, typically called the morning after pill. Natural birth control:This method works according to your periods of fertility and infertility in your body.
Birth control patch:Commonly known as Ortho Evra, is a trans-dermal contraceptive (through the skin).

Contraception after pregnancy:Find out what are the most important aspects you should take into account when choosing a suitable type of birth control after childbirth. Problem: Because of political, cultural, and religious differences, modern birth control methods are not equally accessible. This graph illustrates birth control issues in relation to current global population rates. Just paste the patch on your body three times a month and you will be protected of getting pregnant..

The contraceptive patch has embedded two hormones in its adhesive layer, estrogen and progestin.

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