Pregnancy beyond 45

But the path to motherhood, it turned out, was not quite so simple.  Although she got pregnant easily within 6 months of marrying, she miscarried at 8 weeks. After 2 years of trying, at last, she was able to achieve a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a son, followed by another several years later. She began to collect “older mom pregnancy stories” off the internet and post them on online fertility boards, only to find she was accused of “making them up”. But with the zeal of any missionary, she kept on dishing up hope to the thousands of women, each year, standing on the brink of grief before a world insisting they are too old to get pregnant. It is a pregnancy i will be terminating for many reasons-ranging from health, high risk previous pregnancy, to finances. It was an unintended pregnancy after years of believing that i couldn’t get pregnant.

Now that being said i made a choice a long time ago to not have kids beyond a certain age, namely 45.
Morally, emotionally, physically, financially etc i don’t believe having kids beyond 45 is a good idea. 3rd–The age in which MOST men and women begin to experience various age-related illnesses, conditions, disabilities is in late 40s and beyond.
So the likelyhood of developing a condition which will prevent you from successfully parenting a baby or young child is far greater in late 40s and beyond than it is in your 20’s and 30s.
Nowadays most young adults, for economic reasons, won’t marry until they are almost 30 or beyond. Dr Grifo has helped many women in their 40s and 50s, and is currently treating a 46-year-old who got pregnant using the eggs she froze at 42.

While this could happen at any age the chances are far greater in mothers who have given birth beyond the age of 45. Even though you could argue that stuff happens at any age it is far likelier that it will happen in 40’s and beyond. Grifo admits that women face a huge double standard when it comes to later-in-life pregnancies.

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