Pregnancy at 43 with my own eggs

Nicole Kidman is basking in the joy of new motherhood, since welcoming a daughter, Faith, with husband Keith Urban on December 28. By using a surrogate, Nicole, was able to avoid some serious pregnancy complications that are worse for older women. And the 43-year-old star should consider herself lucky to have been able to have her own biological child, via a surrogate, because fertility specialist Shahin Ghadir, M.D.
Celebrities who have been open about their pregnancies include Nicole Kidman, who was 43 whose second daughter was born with the help of a surrogate motherThe study figures come from a Spanish clinic that treated 4,195 patients in 12 years.
Model Caprice gave birth to one of her sons, while the other was born with the help of a surrogate. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Britain’s largest abortion provider, blames repeated warnings by fertility experts that women are ‘leaving it too late’ for convincing older women that their chances of falling pregnant are slim, when they could still be relatively high.As a consequence, older women often fail to take basic precautions when making love.
With four children to feed and clothe, money was tight, and they both worked long hours to cover their substantial outgoings.‘As any mother with a career knows, it was tough juggling work and home life, but I really enjoyed my job and, after turning 40, rose up through the ranks,’ says Gaynor. Following a consultation with a doctor at a private North London clinic, six weeks into her pregnancy, Gaynor booked in for a suction termination. Some doctors believe women may even have a burst of fertility as they approach the menopause due to the body naturally stimulating the ovaries more aggressively to keep them working as the number of eggs decline. With his thatch of dark hair, olive skin and eyes which are already turning brown, newborn Jaden Mason is not  -  lovely though he is  -  the blond, blue-eyed infant his mother Greta always dreamed of having. Getting pregnant can be hard at the best of times but when you're over a certain age unfortunately things can get even harder. Fortunately with the advances in fertility treatments there are plenty of options availble to help you to conceive and start a family. We spoke to Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at Create Health, to find out all you need to know about getting pregnant after 40 so you can be as prepared as you need.
Not to paint a bleak picture but naturally risks are heightened in pregnancies after the age of 40.
But there is no denying that the chances of getting pregnant naturally after the age of 40 significantly drop.

Statistics from Baby Centre show: “At 40 your chance of conceiving within a year of beginning to try is about 40 to 50 percent, compared to a woman in her mid-30s, who has a 75 percent chance. However, in older women and women with low egg reserve (high FSH or low AMH levels), Natural and Mild IVF can be more successful than conventional IVF.This isn’t just reserved for heterosexual couples success rates are higher in single women and lesbian couples with the use of donor sperm. Single women and lesbian couples can try insemination with donor sperm as the first option if their fallopian tubes are open as long as their egg reserve is not too low. Natural IVF offers "drug-free" IVF with natural selection of eggs at a lower cost and with less side-effects and physical burden.
Mild IVF uses fewer drugs (5-9 days only) in a woman's natural cycle with reduced side-effects and cost. Conventional IVF with suppression of ovaries is another option but may not be necessary for women over 40 and in fact may lead to unnecessary use of high stimulation and reduced response and quality of eggs. She was given a mild general anaesthetic before a small, plastic tube connected to a pump was inserted into her womb and used to remove the foetus and other tissues.‘I was very tearful after the operation and found it hard to come to terms with,’ she recalls. As she cradles her 8lb 7oz son, surrounded by congratulations cards, 42-year-old Greta is clearly besotted with him and insists that whatever fears she might have harboured about bonding with her baby evaporated the second he was placed in her arms. They say they have been wounded by the ' hurtful' comments made about them and say that their son's arrival, while joyous, has not totally diminished their feelings of bitter regret that Greta will never bear her own genetic child.
A woman’s egg supply is naturally going to decrease as she ages and with the eggs that remain there is a heightened chance of chromosomal problems like Down's Syndrome, birth defects and miscarriage. A recent survey, for example, found women over 40 had the same chance of conceiving within six months as younger women.The poll revealed that a quarter of fortysomethings became pregnant in the first month, a further fifth conceived after three months and by six months more than half were carrying a child. My daughters were in their mid?teens at the time and I’d had long chats with them about the dangers of unprotected sex and the trauma an unwanted pregnancy could cause.’Two days after discovering her late?life pregnancy, Gaynor had come to the conclusion that a termination was her only option. Dr Geeta Nargund, medical director at the Create Fertility Clinic in London, says that while, in general, women’s chances of conceiving fall sharply in their 40s, they should continue to take precautions if they want to prevent pregnancy."No one should underestimate how devastating it is to find yourself pregnant in mid-life, feeling abortion is your only option. For she still yearns deep down for the baby she believes she should have had, indeed was entitled to have, using her own eggs rather than a donor's.
She claimed a barrage of unnecessary fertility tests followed by a six-year wait for treatment meant her eggs were too old to be used in IVF treatment and she could only conceive using a donor.

Her extraordinary and controversial legal action prompted a wave of furious e-mails and letters from readers who accused Greta of being 'ungrateful' and ' selfish.' Others expressed concern that she would find it hard to bond with her baby, because he shared none of her characteristics and questioned whether a cash-strapped NHS should be offering free IVF treatment at all if the taxpayer is left open to compensation claims. I also love him more than anything  -  and feel incredibly protective over him as any mother would  -  but the fact is that I had always dreamed of having a flesh and blood baby who would inherit my genes with my husband. She argues that had the NHS waiting lists not been so long, her own perfectly healthy eggs could have been used before age deteriorated their quality. My previous pregnancies had all been very much wanted, so this terrible sense of dread was new to me.’Jack was seven at this point and Gaynor’s older children, Laura, Kate and Rory, were in their teens with a father who lived 300 miles away. Further examination demonstrated that he was in fact producing sperm, but mobility was the problem and for it to be used in fertility treatment it would need to be extracted directly to fertilise Greta's eggs. Greta claims that instead of offering this, doctors insisted on a barrage of further medical tests to check her fertility including a laparoscopy  -  keyhole surgery to check if her uterus was normal and her Fallopian tubes unblocked  -  even though she had become pregnant in a previous relationship and miscarried. All tests, which also showed her eggs were healthy, came back normal and the Masons were placed on the NHS waiting list for IVF. I simply couldn't see a future without a family.' It would be four years before they received their first appointment and a further two before they reached top of the list for IVF treatment. By this time Greta was 40 and was devastated to learn that in the time they had waited, her eggs were too old to be successfully used in IVF. She insists that at no point did doctors warn her that her fertility would wane as she grew older and she assumed that  -  because women do have babies in their late 30s and 40s  -  there would be no problem with her eggs. I only wish that when I had my IVF I could have produced lots of eggs myself because I would have gladly donated them so another couple could have their longed for baby.
They have several frozen embryos in storage  -  created at the same time as Jaden  -  and will with time consider having a full blood brother or sister for their son. I know Chris would have ideally liked us to have our own genetic child between us but I could never have denied Chris his own son.

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