Pregnancy announcement with registry info

Local Boutiques tend to be more personal and specialized when it comes to creating your registry.
Your baby shower hostesses probably already know where you’re registered, but some people are skittish about bothering strangers for information. Remember, having a baby is such an exciting event and your friends and family want to bless you with the things you need to succeed in preparing for your adorable arrival.
According to famous etiquette expert and writer Emily Post (and also my very Southern mother), it is NOT okay to share your registry information on the invitation itself. Every gift, whether from your registry or not, is just a nice way of saying congratulations.

There is a large selection, multiple locations, options to register online and often lower prices.
Screaming “Here’s my baby registry!” loudly to all you know may not be the best way to spread the word. However, it IS okay to include an insert with the registry information along with the shower invitation.
That being said, I’ve received many a shower invite with “Megan is registered at BuyBuyBaby” at the bottom (or on the back) of the invitation. When people contact me at BabyList, they obviously know that the mom-to-be is registered with us.

Your grandmother may be offended if it is on the invitation, but your best friend from college will probably be annoyed if they have to go searching for the information. In fact, they like it because it means they know that the things they’re gifting you with are the things you really want.
I personally found it helpful to have the information in hand when I was ready to pick a gift.

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