Pregnancy and baby kicking alot

The thought of pregnancy may bring a lot of tension and stress in a woman’s life, but the picture of cute little infant safe in the mother’s tummy vanishes all worries. Although there is no exact answer to this question but still the baby will never move continuously.
Your doctor will ask for your medical history and will weigh you and will check your blood pressure on every visit.
The feeling of the baby’s kicks, hiccups, wriggle and twist is the biggest thrill while in pregnancy.

Once you start feeling the movements of the baby keep a track of them and tell your doctor if you feel a decline in the movements. The first movement which a baby makes inside the tummy is a marker of pregnancy and there is no better feeling for a mother in her life than this.
On the first visit you may have pelvic exam to check the size and shape of the womb and check for infection. You may not feel these sensations at first if this is your 1st pregnancy as you may not be familiar.

It’s a graph on paper to keep a record of the kicks and is useful as it can be used by the women who may worry about their baby’s movements.

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