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No pregnant woman wants to hear the words "high-risk pregnancy," and yet if you're over 35, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that you are, just by nature of your age. While many of the complications older mothers may experience are common with age even outside of pregnancy, the good news is that many are manageable. Although risks of complications increase with older mothers, pregnancy after age 35 is still possible when you stay healthy and take precautions. Although complications associated with having a baby later in life such as Down syndrome and miscarriage may make you think twice about opting to be an older mother, taking good care of your health before and during pregnancy can boost your chances of having a risk-free pregnancy.

Although your biological clock is ticking, there may be steps you can take to have a drama-free pregnancy even after age 35. According to a new CDC report, nearly every state has seen a rise in women having their first child after age 35. From the reasons why advanced maternal age affects pregnancy to how to lower your risks, discover the most common complications associated with having a baby later in life. The average age of a first pregnancy has risen, as has the number of mothers having subsequent babies after 35.

In fact, that's the first piece of advice Ross gives to any patients trying to get pregnant.

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