Pre pregnancy superfoods

Rich in calcium and in some cases fortified with vitamin D, yoghurt is a go to food for pregnant women. Although it is not conclusive there is evidence to suggest that ginger can help with nausea during pregnancy. I thought I would impart some of my new knowledge, so have summed up the healthiest foods for pregnant women. Vitamin C helps with your absorption of iron, and fibre can help prevent constipation, a common problem in pregnancy. The intake of vitamin A from animal sources needs to be limited during pregnancy as high levels can damage an unborn baby.

This is very important to maintain your blood pressure levels and prevent chances of hypertension.
This means that you will not feel weak and that your body will get adequate energy to help you as well as your baby through the many phases of pregnancy. This helps to prevent any cases of constipation and keeps your bowel movements smooth and regular. Vitamins C and E and other natural plant chemicals can also help prevent the risk of cancer. The carbohydrates will give you enough energy to help you stay on your toes during pregnancy.

The folic acid in eggs helps in the formation of blood and tissue growth while you are pregnant.
Vitamin D present in eggs keeps your bones healthy and also helps your body to absorb calcium.

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