Pre pregnancy journal

For someone like myself who is not typically into journaling, starting a journal was intimidating.
Using a blank journal has allowed me the freedom to write as much or as little as I would like. The basic format I follow in my journal is to create a new section for each week of my pregnancy. If you prefer more of a guided journaling approach, there are some wonderful options for pre-made pregnancy journals. No matter how you decide to do it — a blank journal or a pre-made pregnancy journal — I encourage you to start a pregnancy journal as soon as possible.

I am not someone who normally writes in a journal, but I wanted a way to remember all of the experiences I was about to have, and a journal seemed like the best option. The first time I opened up my journal and saw hundreds of blank pages staring back at me, I wasn’t sure where to begin, and I honestly felt a little awkward writing down my feelings and thoughts.
I label the page with the day of the week, date, and the number of weeks pregnant that I am. This would be for me, as I am currently TTC, which is also something I would like to journal about. I am so thankful that I started journaling right away; although it is not too late for you, no matter where you are in your pregnancy.

I would write everything in my journal about my experience while TTC and during pregnancy if I am lucky enough to. I have also used blank journals that I use during pregnancy and continue in for that child after they are born.

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