Pre pregnancy dreams

39 Your dreams during pregnancy can be crazy, exceptionally vivid, bizarre, and sometimes frightening. Dreaming about losing your baby, or having the baby and then forgetting it somewhere (at home alone, at the hospital, in the garage), is also pretty common. With my first pregnancy the only dream I had about my son was that I left him on top of the car and drove off with him on top:( That scared me. I have every aspect from dreams about my dad (who just passed away in november) to my childhood, to my husband being no where to be found when im in labor, to dreams about working (i own a hair salon) and the baby getting in the way of me coloring hair, to really violent dreams (tho me and my husband are on a csi miami marathan the last two weeks).

I dreamed I was pregnant and the gender of the baby with all three of my kids before I even knew I was pregnant. Maternity Clothes: Aside from the lovely torture device, I'm still in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but t-shirts are getting shorter and yoga pants are getting a little too tight around the belly so I'm thinking it might be time for a few maternity pieces.
Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy and your attitude toward pregnancy, the water dreams can mean a number of things. And the children came out looking exactly like my dream ( at least with my first two) I’m still waiting to have the baby boy come out.

I also have dreams of him looking very much like my grandfather and having his temperament, soooo looking forward to my little guy.

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