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There is no increased energy cost associated with the first trimester of a singleton pregnancy. For women who are overweight before pregnancy, increasing daily calories by no more than 100 calories beyond the pre-pregnancy intake appears to be sufficient. Lauren is a Clinical Dietitian living in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she works to reduce health disparities among pregnant women and the pediatric population.
The Project envisages the development of a common methodology for the preparation, storage, dissemination and evaluation of scientific literature in electronic format.

Excess pregnancy weight raises the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension and diabetes, cesarean sections and birth injuries.
Steady weight gain is more important in the second and third trimesters, especially if you began your pregnancy at a normal weight. American women are now a more diverse group; they are having more twin and triplet pregnancies, and they tend to be older when they become pregnant. Women today are also heavier; a greater percentage of them are entering pregnancy overweight or obese, and many are gaining too much weight during pregnancy.

Sue Surry (MD, FRCPC) presented: Food and Exercise in Pregnancy Survey results new Health Canada recommendations epidemiology and trends related to gestational weight gain, and tools to support practice.

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