Poems about pregnant women

For every candle of Hanukkah, Shlomit Naim-Naor will present a Hebrew poem, written by an Israeli woman. December 22, 2014 by Shlomit Naim-NaorAdd CommentThe fifth candle I chose to light with the poetry of Esther Ettinger. In the poem Dynasty, she uses shoes as an object that passes from generation to generation and carries within it historical memory.
Hanukkah is a festival full of light, in which we see women lighting Hanukkiot, and taking a full part in the festive joy. December 21, 2014 by Shlomit Naim-NaorAdd CommentYona Wollach is a mad woman, the cursed prophet of Hebrew poetry. This final line that ends the poem, raises many questions regarding what we do expect from someone who is “like that”.
December 19, 2014 by Shlomit Naim-NaorAdd CommentIn honor of Friday – in honor of Shabbat eve, I choose the poetess Zelda to add some light for us.

December 17, 2014 by Shlomit Naim-NaorAdd CommentAt this Hanukkah festival I choose to light a small candle for women’s Hebrew poetry. For our first Hanukkah candle I chose the poem “Who Made Me A Woman”, that in its gentle way argues with the Dawn Blessing “Blessed be He who has not made me a woman.” Esther Raav reflectively suggests some more positive language with which to address God. Today she lives in a Moshav, married to a farmer, and her poetry is full of the pastoral landscape in which she lives, of her experiences as a part-foreigner in Israel. In honor of the women who are creating new dynasties of religious activity I lit the fifth candle of Hanukkah.
The woman who wove her madness into a tapestry of words that presaged a great change in the Israeli public. Her poems were first published by the United Kibbutz Publishers, in the days when they mainly published poets from kibbutzim connected to the working settlements. When I first read the poems of Leah Goldberg, I feared I would never be able to write poetry again.

Every day I’ll bring a short poem, translated into English, and explain why it’s significant for me. Her poems are full of sensuous descriptions of landscapes, and excel at their details of flora and fauna. She sang songs of praise to the Land, songs of longing for a lover taken from her, and many of her poems deal with women and femininity.

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