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While former "Sister Sister" star isn't necessarily planning for baby number two just yet, she joked that her and her twin sister Tia Mowry-Hardict often joke about which of them will get pregnant for the second time first, but said that they'd actually love to be pregnant around the same time if it worked out that way. But what Tamera says she can't get over the most is how quickly her baby boy is growing up and she says he's already turning out to be quite the talker. Although she credits her weight loss to baby Aden, "The Real" talk show host recently dished that she did follow a workout and diet plan after giving birth, which also aided in shedding baby weight. But if time has it's way, Tamera would happily welcome a second baby into her family and work off the pregnancy weight all over again.
It can be hard to prepare for a second pregnancy and baby when you're a fulltime mommy but these suggestions make it easier to do!

Just because you already got pregnant once doesn’t mean you can slack off on prepping your body for the second baby. Find out whether the medications you’re taking are okay to keep taking throughout your second pregnancy (otherwise you may want to come up with a new treatment plan). The only difference: Now you have to juggle the demands of motherhood with prepping for a second baby!
If you are lacking in iron or calcium or some other nutrients, your doctor can work with you to get your nutritional stores back up before you start trying for a second baby.
And remember, just because your teeth were fine during your last pregnancy, things may have changed since then.

But even though time is limited and energy is scarce, there are ways to make sure you fit in the necessary preconception preparation for baby number two.

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